St. Joseph's Altar at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy

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Friday, September 3, 2010

I am not sure I can actually think of 7 things to write about......

1.)  Today is my last day at work.  Well, I should say that today is my last day working outside of the house for awhile.  There are so many people I will miss, but I have reached a point where I just cannot/do not want to put any additional effort into a company I no longer admire.

2.)  My company is celebrating an anniversary milestone this year.  They have been in business a long, long time and have won the "most ethical company" award for several years.  That is something to admire, but (queue ominous music) one of the celebrations involved participating in a seance at a historical residence.  We are not allowed to have anything religious in our workstations, but this company has participated in a seance, and was proud of it.  A new campaign has "Zen" in the title. It is time for me to leave.

3.)  Starting next week I will have a new goal list, and I'm rather excited to start working on my "project plan."  
  • Daily Mass as much as possible
  • More frequent Confession
  • More prayer time
  • Working out at my gym 3-5 times per week
  • Following the Flylady plan for organizing and de-cluttering my life and house.
  • Continue researching information on good, wholesome foods: farmer's markets, raw milk, grass-fed beef & chicken
4.)  Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary I have discovered a new blog (along with everyone else who reads her blog.) LOL!!!  Abby & her husband are Third Order Carmelites and she is a wonderful & inspiring writer.   Abilgails-alcove

5.)  I am having Fr. Corapi withdrawal.  The A/C decided to croak in my CRV the other day, so into the shop she went.  The Cavalier I am driving has a broken CD player.  Wouldn't you know I have brand new Fr. Corapi CDs too.  Rats....  LOL!!!  We have a wedding to attend on Saturday and I sure hope my CRV is back from the shop.  I don't want to try to manage a long dress in the old Accord or Cavalier.  The Accord's A/C is about to die also.  But, we will be attending the wedding of a good friend's daughter, and that is a very good thing.  ;o)

6, 7)  I am fresh out of ideas to write about.  I may add more later. (I did come back and add #5)   For now I will say...please have a blessed and wonderful day.  Thank you for stopping by.


  1. A seance? Really? Barf. It is time to go. Someone is being seduced by New Age. It's a crying shame. Good for you for knowing when it's time to go and going.
    Sounds like you'll have plenty to keep you busy. And you can read all those wonderful blogs on your blogroll (Thanks for listing me, too) Thanks again for your advice! I appreciate it.

    Thanks for stopping by 3 Turkeys. I wanted to comment back to you, but I'm not sure comments actually get back to people. So, I'll tell you here. I'm not a calorie/diet extremist. I'm trying to live a healthy life and eat /feed my family healthy food, including all food groups. I limit as much as possible, refined flour and sugar. It's a process that I hope I get better at.

  2. Oops! That thanks was supposed to be at the end! Oh well.