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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In the still of the early morning......

I love the early morning when it's quiet and the world is not yet awake.  The sky is just beginning to show signs of light--birds are chirping softly and crickets are singing.  I'm sitting in my kitchen, drinking coffee while contemplating my day, and wondering why God urged me to title this post "In the still of the morning."

My heart is heavy this morning, because I had to take an action at work that I find distasteful.  I'm far from "saint-like", but I do not take pleasure in "throwing another human being under the bus", which is something I felt I finally had to do after putting up with the negativity for 2 1/2 years.  My motivation was not vindictive, but to save this person from herself and to stop the constant criticizing and abusive behaviors she directs towards others, especially me.

Anyone stumbling on this post, even if a lot of time has passed, please say a prayer for "A", and ask our Lord to comfort her and infuse her with His Grace and love.

As the sun rises higher and higher, lighting up the northern hemisphere, I continue contemplating my day in the "stillness of the morning"... finally a light bulb illuminates my mind.  I think I have figured out what our Lord is asking of me. On this morning, and every morning, He is asking that I look for Him in the stillness of the morning..feel His peace and all worries and fears into His loving hands, and listen to His voice as He whispers, "Trust me" to my soul.

Lord, on this day and every day I will work hard to place all my trust in You.  I realize that no matter what happens, You will never abandon your people

Jesus, I trust in you...  Mary, please pray for us...  St. Joseph, please watch over and guide us...  St. Anthony, please pray for us and help us find our faith, true contrition for our sins, and perfect charity for God and neighbor.

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