St. Joseph's Altar at the Shrine of the Divine Mercy

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Friday, August 20, 2010

This is my first "7 Quick Takes Friday".

I am working to change my life of "sloth" one baby step at a time.  I don't have children, and there really is no excuse for the state of my house, mind & soul.  ;o)

For the house, I have rejoined Flylady.  This will help with my "flight plan" for getting my house under control while (gasp!!) learning to become more organized.  I might even learn to make a list or two and not lose said list....we'll see.  There could be hope for this SHE who was not BO yet. (for definitions of those acronyms, you need to visit her website)  ;o)

For my mind, I will begin reading books written by the saints.  Well, OK I admit to starting quite a few, but I never seem to finish since I would rather read good Christian fiction...oops!  Because of this I will work on *finishing* and applying the knowledge gained in said book to expand my mind, which could help my soul too.  ;o)

For my soul, we plan to continue making frequent pilgrimages to the Shrine of the Divine Mercy.  I will add daily reading of the Bible and praying the Rosary. I already am completely faithful to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (one good habit gained over the past year....thanks Mom!!).  I have also been listening to Fr. Corapi on CD to and from work.  He sure does make the time pass quickly, and I feed my soul at the same time.

I had a peaceful week at work; my manager was on vacation, and my projects are humming along nicely.  I should be finished with them by Sept 3rd, which is my last day of work--hopefully for a long time.

It's hard to believe that summer in winding down here in the NE and fall is right around the corner.  Thankfully, it is still warm, but other than at night the AC isn't on as much.  I'm looking forward to all the fairs (Big E is the BEST!!) and other fall "stuff".

One last thought....I sure hope I start meeting more wonderful Catholic ladies through blogging.  I don't think I write much of anything worth repeating, but it is fun to share thoughts and laughs with "like-minded" people.  Gosh, does that read like one of those "ads" in the free paper?  LOL!!!

Happy Friday to anyone who may wander over here.  Please say "hi".  I'm looking forward to meeting you.  God Bless!


  1. Congrats on your first quick takes; welcome to the cult. ;)

    I'll have to check out the website you linked to. I have just recently left my job in preparation for our first child's birth, and I'm in desperate need of a schedule/plan to keep the home running smoothly. Thanks for the info! :)

  2. Welcome to the Quick Takes Friday clan! I like yours. I did flylady once. I really liked the concept, but had a hard time putting it in practice...

  3. Fly Lady is too much for me. I prefer the Messies Anonymous approach myself. I actually made big changes when I started that. If FL fails you again, try MA. Sandra Felton is great!

    Also, I am reading No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC. If you haven't read it yet, I'm sure you will enjoy it. I wrote a little review on my blog, if you are interested.

    Welcome to blogging. Have a blessed week!

  4. Hi ladies. Thank you for stopping by to say "hi". Sarah, congratulations on your new little one who will make an appearance soon. Sarah & Mary, I'm crossing my fingers that this time I will really follow Flylady, but I will keep Mary's recommendation in mind too. In fact, I will go check it out. Any site titled, "Messies Anonymous" is probably for me. LOL!!! Mary, I read Fr. Calloway's book and absolutely LOVED it. What a beautiful conversion story. I too highly recommend it to everyone.

  5. Wow-love your house/spirit/mind approach to overcoming sloth! Such concrete ideas! Love it!