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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time to lighten up......the gift of laughter...

Growing in holiness does not mean life has to be serious all the time.  I realize that I have been way too serious for the past year and that it is now time to lighten up, especially since I have made a life-changing decision to leave my place of employment....yah me!  ;o)  My full-time job will be to get the CHAOS in our lives and house under control.  The Lord and our Blessed Mother will provide the support and Grace I need, and this lovely lady will give me the "project plan".  Flylady

This lighthearted picture reminds me that our Lord gave us the gift of laughter and we should use this gift daily.  I must have been the only person in the world not aware that the people who take care of the cabins, on cruises, create animals out of towels--a different one each day.  When we returned from dinner this guy (wearing my sunglasses) greeted us.  I was taken by surprise and just couldn't stop laughing.

Have you used your gift of laughter today?

Lord, please help me remember that everyone around me benefits when I remember to laugh.  Thanks to your Grace I smile a lot, but I forget to laugh.  God Bless!

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